Seamless Custom Flooring:

Although many variations of flooring can be achieved with a wide array of our products, one of the more desired finishes uses MICRO-CRETE™ to achieve a “glass smooth” finish on existing concrete substrates which  can then be stained with CHEM-STAIN™  to add an elegant, variegated, translucent colour.


Spray Textures & Knockdowns:

Achieved by applying a pre-mix with a hopper type sprayer at 1.5mm to 3mm thick to an existing concrete substrate. Spray  textures can be applied in countless colour and pattern combinations to match surrounding landscape and architecture.


Skim Coat Resurfacing & Broom Finishes:

Designed as a surface restoration finish, this application uses a fine pre-mix, installed 0.2mm to 3mm thick over an existing concrete substrate. Applied with a specialty squeegee, trowel or broom to restore and finish spalled & deteriorated concrete surfaces which should otherwise need to be removed and replaced.


Stamped Concrete Overlays:

Achieved with applying a 6mm to 12mm  thick overlay to existing concrete substrates and imprinted with texture skins to achieve the look of authentic stone, slate, brick or tile. Unlike conventional stamped concrete there is no need to remove or replace the existing concrete therefore eliminating the hassle, mess and clean-up normally associated with stamped concrete. Stamped overlays are more affordable, require less application time and easier to install than conventional stamped concrete, real stone, slate, brick or tile.

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